Suzuki announced it will present a new electric mini-bike concept at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The new concept will be called the Extrigger which is a combination of the words Electric Crossover and Trigger.

At first glance, it’s easy to see the resemblance between the Suzuki Extrigger and the Honda Grom. The small size, comparatively over-sized tires and even the overall profile of the Extrigger looks like the Grom. The big difference is the Extrigger is powered by an electric motor inherited from Suzuki’s e-Let scooter.

Another difference is the Extrigger’s wireless connectivity, allowing riders to communicate with others. Other features include an aluminum frame and inverted forks like a full-sized motorcycle but in a compact package.

Describing the Extrigger, Suzuki uses many of the same buzzwords attributed to the Grom. Here’s what Suzuki has to say about the Extrigger:

  • This is an electric motorcycle that was developed to give more people the chance to find out the fun of motorcycling. It is easy to ride and offers new sensations.
  • An electric motor unit of the e-Let’s electric scooter is equipped on a compact frame similar to that of a small bicycle.
  • While it feels like a toy bike, the Extrigger has features that are small but look like the real thing: aluminum frame, inverted front forks, front and rear disc brakes, and so on.
  • Making use of visible light communication technology, the rider can receive information from the motorcycle shop or enjoy communicating with friends.
  • The name Extrigger is coined from EX, which stands for Electric CROSS (X) over, and TRIGGER, which means a chance. Our desire to give people a chance to get interested in motorcycles with this model is put into its name.

[Source: Suzuki]