Find It Now USA GPS

Motorcycles are, unfortunately, common targets of thieves. Find It Now USA was showcasing a product that makes it a lot easier to recover your stolen bike at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, Fla.

Find It Now USA’s personal GPS protective device has an early warning system that will let you know if your vehicle is moved at any given time via text message or email. In the event that your power is cut, which happens many times during a theft, you’ll also receive a notification. The device has a built-in battery backup so Find It Now can continue to track it. As well, a 24-hour call center is on hand to assist you or the authorities track your stolen motorcycle.

In addition to its theft prevention capabilities, the Find It Now USA GPS serves a number of other purposes. It will notify if your battery is low, so you know when you need to put a charger on your motorcycle. It provides GEO fences and speed alerts, so rental operators (or concerned parents) can track how fast a motorcycle is going or where it’s being ridden. Finally, friends or family can track your movements if you want people to know where you are.

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