Mirai Powersports says it makes the world’s most powerful lightweight batteries. While we couldn’t verify that claim, we did have a chance to see the products and talk to some company representatives at the 2013 American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, Fla.

Mirai says its lithium batteries offer a host of improvements of standard lead-acid batteries. First is a potentially huge weight savings – Mirai batteries weigh between one and three pounds, saving anywhere from four to 30 pound depending on application. As well, Mirai boasts its batteries offer quicker warm up times and more power. Finally, Mirai says if properly maintained, its batteries can provide 12-15 years of use, compared to 3-5 years for lead-acid batteries.

While lithium batteries can be quite expensive, Mirai batteries retail for between $99 and $249.

Visit MiraiPower.com for more information.

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