If you are looking to get optimum performance out of your motorcycle, visiting the Bazzaz booth at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, Fla. is a good place to start.

Bazzaz specializes in engine management, aftermarket fuel injection control, quick shift and traction control. The Bazzaz system is comprised of a motorcycle-specific harness  paired with a control unit that plugs into the harness, both of which are installed on the motorcycle. According to Bazzaz, this allows the end user to plug their laptop in and interface with the software to update fuel delivery. As well, users can control the quick shift function, which allows users to make up shifts without using the clutch. Finally, the device allows for the manipulation of traction control.

Bazzaz System

According to Bazzaz, the system can also self tune. A module consisting of an O2 sensor and a data logging unit is installed in the exhaust pipe. This gathers information and generates a map to optimize the tune of the user’s motorcycle.

New from Bazzaz is a wireless interface, allowing users to access the hardware through any Bluetooth enabled device.

Visit Bazzaz.net for more information.

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