Apparently, elks aren’t too keen on motorcyclists, as the video below demonstrates. This couple, aboard what sounds like a Harley-Davidson (that potato-potato exhaust note is unmistakeable), were riding along in Missoula, Montana when this elk decided he wanted to take the road for himself.

As traffic slowed and eventually passed, the elk took a growing interest in the couple on the motorcycle, approaching them. Not wanting to be on the wrong end of some antlers, the man piloting the bike took off. Undeterred, their new four-legged friend came chasing after them. Thankfully, the 60-odd horses of the bike were enough to outrun the elk, but the experience must have been a little scary.

Check out the video below to see just how close this couple got to the local wildlife. Warning: due to the adult language in the video, it may not be suitable for children.