Adam Riemann is crazy. Just look at this video for proof. Here, Riemann is riding along the edge of the Himalayan country side, perilously close to a rather steep drop to the river bed below. Meanwhile, the narrow road beneath him is little more than dirt, rocks, and a water stream here and there.

We shouldn’t be surprised with Riemann, as he’s known to ride his KTM in the craziest locales he can find. Look at the rest of his videos on Youtube for proof. We’re just glad he’s wearing a GoPro camera to capture all the action for the world to see.

In this video, Riemann is moving at a decent clip to cross the road, stopping every now and then to snap a picture or record video. And if he’s shooting by himself, that means he’s setting up his camera equipment, riding, then turning around to grab his gear again. While many people would simply want to get out of there as quickly as possible, these conditions don’t scare Riemann at all, and serves as another example of why he’s not like the rest of us. Thankfully, he’s a hell of a rider, and we thank him for capturing his adventures on video!

Check out part one of Riemann’s Himalayan adventure below. A link to the second part will appear in the player after the video is finished.