September 30, 2013
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2013 Motocross of Nations Results

Ken de Dycker led Team Belgium to victory in the 2013 Motocross of Nations at Germany’s Teutschenthal track. De Dycker was joined by Clement de Salle and Jeremy von Horebeek in winning Belgium’s first MXoN title since 2004.

Team U.S.A. finished second to once again place in the top three following last year’s third place finish. Before that, Team U.SA had won the MXoN from 2005 to 2011.

The annual event, now in its 67th year, pit some of the world’s best motocross racers against each other. Racers compete in three classes, MX1 (450cc four-strokes and 250cc two-strokes), MX2 (250cc four-strokes and 125cc two-strokes) and the Open class. The event includes three races, with each race featuring two different classes together. Racers earn points for their country based on their position; winning a race nets one point, finishing second gets 2 points, third gets 3 points, and so on. Scores are tallied, with the worst result tossed out, and the country with the lowest total wins the coveted Chamberlain Trophy.

The Belgians didn’t win any of the three races but finished with the lowest score of 27 thanks to the team’s consistency in placing its riders in the top ten of all three races. Team U.S.A., featuring Ryan Dungey, Justin Barcia and Eli Tomac, finished with 30 points for the second lowest score to finish second while Team Italy finished third with 33 points from Tony Cairoli, Alessandro Lupino and David Philippaerts.

“I’m very proud of the riders and all the team members for the incredible effort that was put into this race,” says Kevin Crowther, AMA director of Supercross and pro racing relations. “Unfortunately, we had a few issues, but the guys fought hard to get us back on the podium. Congratulations to the team from Belgium on their victory, and we just want to thank all the fans for the great support.”

Cairoli was the best individual racer, taking wins in Races 1 and 3 to earn the minimum 2 points. Germany’s Ken Roczen took the second race, after finishing runner-up to Cairoli in Race 1 for 3 points. Britain’s Tommy Searle earned 8 points with third and fifth place finishes Australia’s Dean Ferris was another standout, with a fourth- and a fifth-place finish to earn 9 points.

Dungey was the best overall American racer, finishing sixth in Race 1 and seventh in Race 3. Tomac finished second in Race 2 for the American team’s best single-race result while Barcia added fourth- and eleventh-place finishes.

2013 MXoN Race 1: MX1 + MX2 Top 10 Results

Pos. Rider Team Manufacturer
1 Tony Cairoli Italy KTM
2 Ken Roczen Germany KTM
3 Tommy Searle Great Britan Kawasaki
4 Dean Ferris Australia Yamaha
5 Gautier Paulin France Kawasaki
6 Ryan Dungey USA KTM
7 Jeremy van Horebeek Belgium Kawasaki
8 Ken de Dycker Belgium KTM
9 Valentin Guillod Switzerland KTM
10 Brett Metcalf USA Kawasaki

2013 MXoN Race 2: MX2 + Open Top 10 Results

Pos. Rider Team Manufacturer
1 Ken Roczen Germany KTM
2 Eli Tomac USA Honda
3 Clement Desalle Belgium Suzuki
4 Justin Barcia USA Honda
5 Dean Ferris Australia Yamaha
6 Tanel Leok Estonia TM
7 Jeremy van Horebeek Belgium Kawasaki
8 Alessandro Lupino Italy Kawasaki
9 Christophe Charlier France Yamaha
10 Aleksandr Tonkov Russia Honda

2013 MXoN Race 3: MX1 + Open Top 10 Results

Pos. Rider Team Manufacturer
1 Tony Cairoli Italy KTM
2 Ken de Dycker Belgium KTM
3 Evgeny Bobryshev Russia Honda
4 Max Nagl Germany Honda
5 Tommy Searle Great Britain Kawasaki
6 Gautier Paulin France Kawasaki
7 Ryan Dungey USA KTM
8 Brett Metcalfe USA Kawasaki
9 Marc de Reuver Netherlands KTM
10 David Philippaerts Italy Honda

[Source: AMA, KTM; Photos by Archer R.]