German helmet manufacturer Schuberth has a new majority owner, Perusa Partners. The premium manufacturer from Germany specializes in the development and production of motorcycle helmets as well as helmets for industrial safety, fire fighters, police and military. Since 2000, Schuberth has also been developing high-performance helmets for Formula 1, IndyCar and NASCAR. The former owner, an affiliate of the Susquehanna International Group, LLP ( of Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA, retains a minority stake in Schuberth.

Founded in 1922, Schuberth has been considered an industry leader for decades. The new owners intend to maintain this successful corporate vision and drive internationalization forward.

“Thanks to innovation, we have developed Schuberth into one of Europe’s strongest helmet brands over the last few decades,’ said Marcel Lejeune, CEO of Schuberth. “With Perusa, we now have the ideal partner at our side to be able to keep investing in research and development for our products and expand our technological competitive edge.”

To ensure that the company will be able to consolidate its position successfully in international competition in the future, Schuberth will continue to rely on the drivers of its success such as “German Engineering” and safety technology “Made in Germany”. This will also include further optimization of the ultra-modern production processes.

“This is exciting news for Schuberth North America and our customers,” Schuberth North America Vice President, Randy Northrup added. “With Perusa driving investment into research and development, the expansion of our technological competitive edge, and optimizing production processes we look forward to providing customers with the superior products and faster deliveries.”

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