Earlier this month, Kawasaki pulled the wraps off a new Ninja 1000 for 2014, with a number of electronic upgrades. It is only logical then that Kawasaki would soon follow that up with a similarly updated Z streetfighter model. To that end, Kawasaki released a new video teasing the launch of a new Z on Nov. 5.


We expect the new Z will receive ABS, selectable ride modes, traction control and monobloc brakes bestowed on the new Ninja 1000. What remains to be seen however is whether the new model will be a Z1000 or introduce a different engine displacement.

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The teaser video makes no indication the new model will be a 1000, placing the emphasis on the Z branding instead. The most obvious assumption is the new Z will retain the 1043cc engine which was revised with new intake cams and revised cylinder connecting passageways for the 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 1000. However, Kawasaki introduced a new 806cc version last year called the Z800, and it’s possible it may want to use a larger engine to create more separation between the two models.


Kawasaki’s Z models have a long history, passing the 40th anniversary of the original 1972 Z1 last year. Over the last four decades, Kawasaki has used several different engine displacements. The Z1 used a 903cc powerplant but it was followed in 1978 by the Z1300 with a 1268cc Inline-Six engine. A few years later, Kawasaki dialed back with a 1089cc I-4 for the 1981  Z1100GP and again a year later with the 998cc Z1000R.

Fast forward a couple of decades to 2003 when Kawasaki introduced a 953cc Z1000 using a Ninja ZX-9R engine. That version stayed a few years before being replaced in 2010 with the current 1043cc engine which also powers the Ninja 1000 and the Versys 1000.

We’ll just have to wait for Nov. 5 for Kawasaki to release more information.

[Source: Kawasaki]