We’re no strangers to electric motorcycles around here, having ridden our fair share of them, but this electric bicycle, the $7900 Greyp G-12, offers the kind of performance we’re used to seeing from gas-powered scooters. All in a package you can still pedal through a trail or at the beach.

Starting at its guts, a hub-mounted electric motor puts out 16 horses and is fueled by a 1.3kWh battery equipped with Lithium Nanophosphate cells Greyp claims are “the best battery cells currently in existence.” That works out to a 40 mph top speed, and 75-mile range purely on electricity. Should you decide to input some human power on the pedals, the range is really up to you. Consider it a human-electric hybrid. Also, the G-12 features regenerative braking, so the 75-mile figure is merely a guideline should you not want to pedal at all. Still, the Greyp website lists recharge time as 80 minutes using a standard European 220v outlet.

As impressive as the G-12 is, this is only the beginning. Activating the bicycle’s electronic features requires users (up to 50) to input their thumb print on the dashboard scanner — a handy safety feature, even, for motorcycles. Speaking of the dashboard, the five-inch color touchscreen rivals some motorcycles we’ve seen, with display functions for speed, battery levels, motor temperature, range and toggling ability for the different power modes.

Yes, the G-12 has three pre-set power modes: Street, Eco and Power with similar functions we’ve seen on motorcycles. Moving away from the electronics, the G-12 is constructed from high-tensile steel with suspension front and rear, though body panels are carbon fiber to keep weight down on the 108-pound bike. Greyp says the regenerative braking qualities are enough so the G-12 doesn’t need traditional hydraulic brakes, but the bike comes equipped with disc brakes anyway.

All told, the Greyp G-12 looks like a fun, albeit expensive, toy. One we’d love to ride on the trails like the guy in the video below. Visit the Greyp website for more details on the bike and how to order one.