Garmin revealed a new Global Position System navigation system designed for motorcycles that offers Bluetooth connectivity, a curvy road locator and compatibility with the company’s new Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS).

The Garmin zumo 390LM is the company’s first GPS navigator designed to work with TPMS (sold separately). The sensors attach to the metal tire valve step on each wheel and wirelessly delivers real-time tire pressure data to the zumo 390LM. Riders can set the TPMS to different pressure thresholds. When the tire pressure drops below a threshold level, the zumo 390LM displays an alert. The system also tracks tire pressure trends and can detect when a tire is slowly leaking air.


The zumo 390LM also offers a service history log riders can use to record the date, mileage levels and maintenance. The system can log tire mileage, oil changes, chain cleaning and most other maintenance information.

Using Bluetooth technology and a wireless headset for Bluetooth-enabled helmet, riders can hear voice-guided directions as well as make calls through the zumo interface. The zumo 390LM uses a 4.3-inch touchscreen that can be operated with gloves and is visible in different levels of sunlight.

The zumo 390LM comes with a motorcycle handlebar mount, power cable, USB cable and a suction cup for mounting in a car. The GPS navigator comes preloaded with maps for North America, with free map updates through the life of the zumo 390LM.

The Garmin 390LM is available now for $699.99. Tire sensors are sold separately and cost $69.99 each.