The Bonneville Salt Flats represents unique challenges, where man-made machines try and go faster than ever before. It’s a demanding event for both man and machine, which provides stories of ultimate triumphs or devastating failures. The 2013 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, which takes place throughout this week, will provide another such story of triumph or sorrow, as a blind man will attempt to race down the famous course.

Dan Parker used to build and race drag cars. In fact, it was a racing accident last year that caused him to lose his vision. Despite no longer being able to see, Parker still has a love for the racing community and wanted a way to channel his creative side. The result is him independently operating a 50cc, two-stroke three-wheeler, completely hand-built for this attempt. A GPS system that will give him audible cues to help him stay on track. Parker expects his top speed to be about 75 mph. Watch the video below to learn more about Parker and his record-setting attempt.

Beacons placed at the start and finish, combined with the GPS unit onboard, will tell Parker if he veers off the centerline, and depending on the frequency of the cue in his ear, he’ll be able to correct his path and stay on course.

Parker has several sponsors for the event, including The National Federation of the Blind, who are contributing funds and equipment to help Parker complete his “Quest for the Salt.” Ultimately, however, Parker wants this attempt to serve as a reminder, not just to other blind people, but to everyone that, thanks to technology, obstacles don’t need to stand in our way.

You can find more information about Dan Parker by visiting his Quest for the Salt Facebook page, and visiting