Electric motorcycles took to the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend as part of the new FIM eRoadRacing series, a merger between the FIM ePower series and TTXGP series. The event served as a support race to the MotoGP circus, with Shane Turpin taking the overall win ahead of his teammate Eric Bostrom. Both were onboard prototype Brammo Empulse RRs. Kenyon Kluge, aboard a modified Zero S took third overall, and first in the eSuperstock division.

Turpin qualified on pole with a time of 1:54.895, while Bostrom was just behind at 1:55.389. The only two prototypes in the field, they put a massive gap on Kluge (2:08.664), Ted Rich (2:10.328), Jeremiah Johnson (2:10.675) and Elaine Carpenter (2:13.435), all on modified Zero S models. Shelina Moreda (2:15.675) and Arthur Kowitz (2:19.460) rounded out the field aboard their production-based Brammo Empulse TTXs.

A ninth entry, the Team SPSU Hornet 1 machine with rider Caesar Gonzales, experienced technical issues and were not able to turn a wheel on track.

During the race, Turpin took off and left the rest of the field in his wake, crossing the line almost 14 seconds ahead of Bostrom. Turpin was nervous, however, since he had a healthy lead at the last round at Laguna Seca before his Brammo failed on the last lap. “I just wanted to finish this time,” Shane said.

Bostrom finished over two minutes ahead of Kluge, but admitted he had setup issues all weekend and had nothing for Turpin.

In the eSuperstock division, the order shuffled numerous times, as Rich got out to an early lead in the class before Kluge passed him back. Meanwhile, Johnson and Moreda were in their own battle, fighting for bragging rights between Zero and Brammo.

Eventually, Rich’s Zero S experienced massive thermal cutback, a condition where the motor gets so hot it reduces power dramatically in order to preserve itself. He eventually dropped back to sixth, allowing Kluge, Johnson and Moreda through. Carpenter and Kowitz rounded out the field.

This was the eRoadRacing series’ first time at the Speedway, so comparisons to previous years aren’t possible, but considering the pace of advancement for e-bike technology, we’re looking forward to next year’s race, as records are sure to drop.