Each year the Sturgis Rally draws huge crowds and tons of motorcycling enthusiasts. This year, Country Music Television (CMT) was on hand to film some of the madness, which it will air in a series of three specials starting tonight at 8pm ET/PT. The 10 hours of bike programming is all part of CMT’s “Seven Nights of Badass.”

CMT Bike Week gives viewers an intimate look at the music, culture and camaraderie that make up the Sturgis Rally. Cameras rolled throughout the week at the legendary campground, capturing three separate world record attempts, numerous competitions and a performance by Kid Rock.

Tuesday night’s special “Tunnel of Fire” features numerous death-defying motorcycle stunts. See Clint Ewing’s attempt to travel through a 360-foot tunnel of fire, Patch MGillicutty’s ride around the circular Wall of Death and Juli Moody’s ability use her bare arms to hold together two motorcycles drag racing in opposite directions.

“Biker Battles,” premiering Wednesday, features many of the outrageous competitions that make the Buffalo Chip so special. The show highlights the Buffalo Chip Tattoo Contest, Homemade Bikini Contest, Beauty & The Beast Bike Build and Body Paint Competition, Ultimate Burnout Contest and Motorcycle Hill Climb.

“Kid Rock, Live from Buffalo Chip” airs Thursday, Aug. 22, and features the “American Badass” in a star-studded performance featuring an enormous entourage of musicians to join him on stage. The performance must have been special if the crowd kept partying despite the unrelenting rain.

For more on CMT Bike Week, visit www.CMT.com.