Zach Ness, grandson of legendary custom bike builder, Arlen Ness, and his team are on a mission to break new ground in the custom motorcycle world. National Geographic Channel is going to capture Ness’ attempts on its new show, Let It Ride, With Zach Ness, premiering Wednesday, August 14 at 9pm EST.

Coming from one of the most well-known names in motorcycling carries with it significant pressure, but Zach welcomes the challenge. Each week, he and his team take on a new and challenging build. Sometimes inspiration strikes and Ness builds a bike on spec. Other times a client comes to him with a request. Either way, Ness is determined to make the best machine possible.

Helping him on his journey is his trusted team. Cameron Smith, walking motorcycle encyclopedia and eccentric bike hunter, digs up the lost and hidden gems Ness needs. Bryan Simpson, his lead mechanic, is afraid of nothing when it comes to building the perfect beast. Justin Lynch keeps the team on schedule, fields rapid-fire parts requests and puts a tight lid on the budgets. Jim Jennings is a fabricating fiend who can shape and bend any type of metal on the planet.

What I find interesting is Zach’s differing approach to custom bike building. Instead of building an outlandish, impractical and downright gaudy custom like some other biker buildoff shows, the premiere episode of LIR is all about building the perfect Harley-Davidson to perform non-stop wheelies! Definitely not something you see everyday. Ness says his show is devoted to performance, power and beauty. Tune in to the National Geographic Channel to see if he’s able to live up to the hype.

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