I’ll admit, as a fan of road racing (both two- and four-wheeled), I’ve never really understood the allure of NASCAR. I know that series runs on a few road courses throughout the year, but the racing never attracted my attention. As such, I dismissed many of the drivers, too. But Greg Biffle may be a name I pay more attention to. Not because he’s been winning races in the highly competitive, and often unpredictable Sprint Cup series, but because he’s a rider like you and me.

Biffle, a self-professed gearhead “loves anything that burns gas,” as he admits in the video below. From cars to motorcycles, ATVs to side-by-sides, if it has an engine and a throttle, he’s there. A dirtbike rider as a kid, his motorcycling has taken a back seat to his racing career, but when he gets a chance to trade four wheels for two, he doesn’t pass it up.

Apparently, Biffle has been longing to ride the Ducati Diavel, and its performance truly impressed the NASCAR star. We like the bike, too, Greg. And in the off chance you’re reading this, hit me up. I’d love to show you our world if you show us yours. Who knows, you might make a fan out of me after all.