A little while ago, Honda revealed a 130mph tractor lawn mower with an engine from a Superhawk. Along a similar vein is the Isle of Man’s Garage Insanity with a mobility scooter equipped with a 600cc inline-four engine from a Suzuki Katana.

According to Garage Insanity, the mobility scooter has a theoretical top speed of 140mph given enough running room, though in practice, it’s only been timed at 102.2 mph over a quarter-mile.


To show off the project, Garage Insanity pitted the mobility scooter in a drag race against various cars including a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T, a Peugeot 106 and a supercharged VR6 mk2 Volkswagen Golf. The machine was built by John McNeil, Dale Glover and Richard Underwood who also rode the beast. Here’s a video of the mobility scooter racing against the skyline. Keep watching it to the end and listen for the mobility scooter on the way back.

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It’s not clear what modifications were involved in this project. The mobility scooter is equipped with a wheelie bar to prevent it from flipping over and in the YouTube video comments, Garage Insanity says the engine is more or less standard, producing about 85 hp.

Here’s an onboard video of the mobility scooter on a practice run.

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[Source: Garage Insanity (Facebook, YouTube)]