Co Bappe isn’t your ordinary custom bike builder. The self-taught fabricator and proprietor behind Vekst Motorcycles learned to weld by watching YouTube videos and ingratiating himself with skilled welders who took him under their wing. The reason for picking up this new skill? Bappe has been fascinated with boardtrack racers from the turn of the century and has wanted to use current technology to create a modern interpretation of the classic boardtracker.

In the accompanying video, Bappe explains his love for the boardtracker and how he went about designing and creating his modern day masterpieces, referencing and examining the pages of numerous books. It’s particularly interesting to hear he chose a Briggs and Stratton engine instead of going a more traditional route because it fit the design aesthetics he was after.

For now, Bappe isn’t selling his creations or taking orders. Which doesn’t mean he won’t in the future: he’s sold off past bikes to afford parts for new builds. But currently there are no plans to ramp up production of Vekst Motorcycles, partly because of a lack of interest on his part, but also because there’s only so many hours in a day — he still works a day job as a graphic artist making screen-printed apparel for major retailers.

Bappe is already working on his next creation, which you can see on his website. It’s not done yet, but the mix of 1920’s design and the replicated effects of almost a century of aging mean it’s sure to be a neat looking motorcycle when it’s done. And we can’t wait to see the finished product.