In a field comprised entirely of electric cars like the Nissan Leaf, Toyota RAV4 EV, and the uber-expensive Tesla Model S and Tesla Roadster, Terry Hershner, aboard his highly modified 2012 Zero S beat all but one of them in the BC2BC Electric Rally, held the first week of July, where participants travel from British Columbia to Baja, California, entirely on electricity.

Tony Williams is the man responsible for this lofty journey. He completed this trip last year by himself, which then spawned the idea of inviting others to attempt the trip. This year, only one entry wasn’t able to complete the rally.

Hershner completed the trip in about 52 hours of riding time, second only to a Tesla Model S which did it in 41 hours. The contestants started in Blaine, Washington, where they traveled south through four segments and a large number of checkpoints, ending at the Tijuana border crossing where I-5 enters Mexico. The participants were timed for each section, and the overall winner was the one who completed the total trip the fastest for the timed segments.

This isn’t Hershner’s first time traveling long distances on his Zero. Last year, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest trip on an electric motorcycle (3100 miles) as he crossed from Florida to California. Then this year, he successfully completed the coast-to-coast trip again — solo — without the help of any external parties or generators.

As you can imagine, Hershner’s Zero S is far from stock. The most obvious change is the highly-aerodynamic bodywork from none other than mileage pioneer Craig Vetter himself. From there, Zero engineers have upped his battery pack to 18kWh, providing Terry with up to 200 highway miles. Meanwhile he’s fitted four on-board chargers, with a fifth tucked away in the large rear hump. He’s got an assortment of different plug adapters which feed to a J1772 level 2 plug as well. In perfect conditions, this means the Zero can be fully recharged in as little as 45 minutes.

Not only that, but the stock Zero motor controller is replaced with a 660 amp unit, capable of propelling the Zero over 100 mph. It has the added benefit of expanding the Zero’s regenerative braking abilities, too.

Terry Hershner’s journey is nowhere near over. He’s constantly on the road, extolling the virtues of electric propulsion everywhere he goes. You can keep track of Terry’s travels through his Off The Grid Facebook page.