If you’re wondering whether riding an air bike is similar to playing an air guitar then, yes, you’re on the right track. However, if you choose to enter the Ducati Air Bike Challenge, the reward for immortalizing your silliness on Youtube may be far greater than any air guitar prize — Ducati is providing the opportunity to win a paddock pass to a MotoGP race of your choosing.

To enter, create a video of you riding your air Ducati. It can be at the racetrack, in the canyons, or even in space! The more creative you get, the better. Feel free to get creative with props, sound effects, friends — you name it. Next, upload it to Youtube. From there, go to the Ducati air bike fan site to choose which MotoGP race you want to win passes for and submit your video. There’s no limit to the number of videos you can submit for each race, so air bike to your heart’s content.

A panel of judges at Ducati will select the best video among the entries for each round of the MotoGP championship and the winner will receive a Paddock Pass with Ducati hospitality access. Good luck, and don’t forget to add hashtags #ducatiairbike and #motogp.