According to a news post on Dan Gurney’s All American Racers website, Gurney is busy building not one but four new engines to power an updated version of his recumbent motorcycle, the Alligator. If you’re unfamiliar with the Alligator, we caught up with Perry King at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering and the video below he explains the impetus and history of the bike.

Q: What is the current status of the Alligator motorcycle and engine program?

Gurney: Right now we are busy building 4 different prototype motorcycles. The four prototypes are listed here:

  1. 126 cubic inch air cooled, 45 deg S&S powered with our own down draft (designed by AAR) cylinder heads (made for us by S&S), Baker 6 speed gearbox, Dymag wheels, Tokico brakes on front and Brembo brakes on the rear, Pectel fuel injection, mapped here at AAR. (Approx 156 HP)


    Dan Gurney with his 145 cu. in. 8 valve DOHC engine

  2. 108 cubic inch engine (shorter stroke, same bore) with all the same wheels, brakes, gearbox and other equipment and tires. Different brand of throttle by wire fuel injection by Motec. (Approx 150 HP)
  3. 145 cubic inch water cooled 8-valve with throttle by wire twin fuel injection. This system has belt drive double overhead cams all on modified S&S crankcases, still 45 deg V and Baker 6 speed. (200+ HP)
  4. DSG-GP-(AAR design, DSG stands for ‘double-single-gator’ or ‘Daniel Sexton Gurney.’ GP stands for ‘Gurney-Palmgren’) 110 cubic inch vertical Twin water cooled DOHC 8 valve TS (TS stands for turbine smooth) This is the one! (200++ HP)

After wrestling with extensively modifying many different types of motorcycles and automobile engines, I have decided to build our own engine from scratch. (#4 on that list, the DSG-GP) It should be running in early 2014. All of this activity is very exciting!

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