Transport Canada announced a recall for the new Honda CTX700 because of a manufacturing error in its anti-lock braking system. The Canadian recall applies to both the CTX700N and the partially-faired CTX700T (known simply as the Honda CTX700 in the U.S. market and other markets.)

According to the recall notice, the ABS modulator may have been manufactured incorrectly and could potentially fail, allowing the front and/or rear wheels to lock up under heavy braking, increasing the risk of a crash.

Normally, because of how close the Canadian and American markets are, vehicle recalls announced for one country are usually followed by a similar recall in the other, so an American Honda recall for the CTX700 and CTX700N may be on the way.

It should be noted however that Honda Canada’s CTX models come standard with ABS but Canadians do no have the option of a dual clutch transmission. The U.S. models are available either with both technologies or without. Depending on how Honda organized its manufacturing process, ABS-equipped models for the U.S. may not be affected by this issue.

The Transport Canada recall affects 13 units. We will provide an update if the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announces a similar recall.

[Source: Transport Canada recall #2013242]