Tim Bartlett never expected this. On June 8, the mechanic from Banff, Alberta was riding his motorcycle through the Canadian Rockies when suddenly a grey wolf leapt out through the trees and started chasing him.“Just seeing a wolf is one thing; to have it run beside you and chase you is another thing altogether,” he said to the New York Daily News. Being on a motorcycle, he was able to speed away from the wolf, but what happens next is rather unusual.

After putting enough distance between himself and his four-legged predator, Bartlett pulled over, reached for his camera, turned around and headed back towards the wolf. Amazingly, when the wolf heard him approaching, he again leapt out and continued his chase, getting close enough for Bartlett to take pictures with his left hand while throttling away with his right.

wolf-chase (1)

Bartlett could hear the wolf’s feet hitting the ground as he was running and estimates they got within a meter (roughly three feet) from one another. Eventually, fearing the wolf might cause greater harm to traffic coming from the other direction, Bartlett sped off and the giant wolf retreated back into the trees.

It’s not known what features of Bartlett or his motorcycle triggered the wolf to act out like this, as chasing after someone is definitely unusual behavior. All we can say is that we’re glad Bartlett didn’t run out of fuel!