The folks at French graphic design studio NOMOON are apparently big Vespa scooter fans. As famed Italian scooter brand celebrates 50th anniversary of its 50cc Vespina scooter, (and overall 67th anniversary), NOMOON produced an animated video featuring some Vespa designs from the company’s history, from the 1943 MP5 prototype to the futuristic Vespa 946.

Many of the models featured in the video fit the iconic Vespa style of a front leg shield, step-through design and wasp-shaped rear. But the video also showcases some of the less conventional designs in Vespa’s history. Pictured above, for example, is the 1949 Vespa 125 Corsa featuring a more aerodynamically-shaped fairing and extended fuel tank that won various races in Italy.

Other unconventional Vespa designs include the 1950 Vespa Montlhery that set 17 world records, the 1956 Vespa TAP military scooter, the 1957 Vespa 400 micro car and the flying, submersible Vespa featured in the 1967 film “Dick Smart, Agent 2007”.

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Speaking to Vespa blog LaVespaVita, the designers say the video was produced in their spare time between projects with inspiration from a timeline from Vespa’s official website.

“We love it because it’s modern and classic at the same time. Vespas are timeless,” the designers say.

[Source: NOMOON via LaVespaVita]