Piaggio has updated its Liberty scooter with the company’s new fuel-efficient three-valve engine. The Liberty is Piaggio’s most popular scooter in the 125cc and 150cc categories, with more than 800,000 models sold since 1997, but it hasn’t been offered for the U.S. since 2005 as the Piaggio LT150 and LT50. That means U.S. availability for the new Liberty 3V is unlikely, though there is no official confirmation on that yet.

If you live in Europe, however, you’ll have the option of the new Piaggio 3V 125 and Piaggio 3V 150, replacing the old two-valve Liberty 125 and the two-stroke Liberty 50. The new 3V engine (actual displacements are 124cc and 155cc) uses the same technology as other recent new Piaggio and Vespa scooters. The liquid-cooled, fuel-injected four-stroke Single uses two intake valves and one exhaust valve timed to a single overhead camshaft. The engine was designed for reduced internal friction and improved fluid dynamics to improve efficiency. Running costs should also be lower with service intervals set at about every 6200 miles.


Piaggio claims an output of 10.2 hp at 7500 rpm and 7.7 ft-lb. at 6000 rpm for the Liberty 3V 125.  Piaggio claims a fuel economy of 138 mpg while moving at a constant speed of 31 mph. The 150 version claims an output of 11.7 hp at 7250 rpm and 9.6 ft-lb. at 5500 rpm, with Piaggio claiming fuel economy of 134 mpg at 31 mph.

Visually, the new Liberty looks similar to the previous model, with the same headlamp, leg shield-integrated turn signals, chrome inserts and Piaggio’s signature “tie”.

The chassis is new however, with a larger wheelbase (53.0 inches vs. 52.1 inches on the older unit). The front wheel is now 15 inches in diameter, compared to the 16-inch wheel in front of the 2013 model, and sports a narrower tire. The rear wheel remains 14 inches in diameter. Piaggio says the smaller front wheel and tire optimizes comfort and offers more efficient braking.

The seat is also new, with a more tapered shape, making it easier for the shorter-of-leg to put their feet down. Piaggio also used a new foam material in the seat to improve comfort. Under the seat, is a new storage area offering 10.8 liters of space, a 23% increase from the previous Liberty. The increased space comes from moving the battery to the back of the leg shield. Compartments behind the leg shield offer storage for small items while a bag hook offers added utility.

Piaggio will offer the 2014 Liberty 3V in four color options: Blu Midnight, Bianco Perla, Nero Grafite and Marrone Onix. The Liberty 3V pictured in this post come with the accessory windshield and color-matched top box. Other optional accessories included a leg cover, mechanical anti-theft device and cover.

[Source: Piaggio]