Nick “Apex” Brocha and Ernie “E-Dub” Vigil are back for more motorcycle drifting action in their latest flick, Drift 3: The Driftpocalypse! In case you’re not one of the 30 million people who’ve seen the original Drift 1 or Drift 2, the setup is really quite simple: Apex and E-Dub take their specially prepared drift machines and battle it out with their four-wheeled counterparts. The rest is a tasty treat for the eyes.

In Drift 3, Brocha and Vigil finally get out of the slammer. The world they discover when they get out is nothing like the one they left: the machines are bigger, badder and faster. Add in their old nemesis Officer Dan, who’s hell bent on putting the boys back behind bars, and the recipe becomes clear: Nick and Ernie will have to adapt or die.

The new weapon of choice? Turbo-charged Triumph Daytona 675R’s pumping out 204 horses. Watch the video below to see tire-smoking action as the two protagonists try to escape from a fresh new fleet of four wheelers intent on bringing them down.