Allstate has donated two new permanent “Watch for Motorcycles” warning signs in the Chicago metropolitan area. The yellow diamond-shaped warning signs were installed June 18 at the neighboring communities of Lockport and Plainfield in Will County, southwest of the city of Chicago itself.

The signs are part of Allstate’s ongoing “Once is Never Enough” campaign for raising awareness, encouraging drivers to look twice for motorcycles. The program has erected dozens of signs across the country since 2010 with more warning signs tabbed for 20 U.S. cities in 2013.

Allstate works with local authorities like the Will County Department of Highways to identify intersections that are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. According to the Will County Sheriff’s Department, there were 150 motorcycle crashes reported in the county between 2009 and 2013.

“Through the ONE program, Allstate pushed to help local communities like Lockport and Plainfield reduce the number of motorcycle collisions at intersections,” says Kevin Calder, who owns two local Allstate agencies. “I’m very proud to be a part of the strides we’re making today to keep Will County roads safer.”

Looking at the available crash data, Allstate and the County identified two particularly dangerous intersections: the intersection of Briggs Street and West Oak Avenue in Lockport and the intersection of West Renwick Road and River Road in Plainfield.

The Plainfield intersection is just east of a recently constructed bridge where Renwick crosses over the DuPage River. The bridge has a slight rise to it that may make it difficult to see the intersection at River Road. Motorists halting at stop signs on River Road may not be able to see traffic coming over the bridge.

The Lockport intersection surrounded by open fields. Stop signs control traffic on West Oak Ave. while traffic along Briggs does not have to stop. A single street light provides the only illumination, which may result in poor visibility at night.

The new “Watch for Motorcycles” signs will later be added to Allstate’s RiderRiskMap which identifies sign locations as well as user-submitted warnings for dangerous intersections.

[Source: Allstate]