Is your life not dangerous enough? Motorcycling too tame for you these days? You need a Mobbo Electric Unicycle.

Light enough to carry and powerful enough to take you anywhere, the Mobbo Electric Unicycle. is an electric self-balancing unicycle with gyro sensors and a balancing computerized system like a Segway. The device is equipped with regenerative braking system, which allows the Mobbo to restore energy when going downhill or braking.

Watch a video demonstration of Mobbo below.

The 1000-watt motor achieves a top speed of 16 km/h (that’s 9.94 mph). It can carry a person up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds). The Mobbo weighs 12 kilograms (about 26 pounds) and its lithium ion battery holds a 3-hour charge.

mobbo-footer-logoMobbo Technologies is a leading player in electric powered devices, and the gyro-stabilized, self-balancing unicycle is the company’s first consumer-direct product. The Mobbo is built in China; delivery to North American addresses should take about 14 working days.

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