Zero Motorcycles announced the sale and deployment of 100 Zero DS Police bikes in Bogota, Colombia. The Bogota Police Department will use its fleet of electric motorcycles for regular patrols, traffic enforcement and other daily police uses. The Bogota P.D. may order additional units in the future, but the initial batch of 100 machines will be used in Kennedy, Bogota’s most populous district.

The police motorcycles were delivered through Northbound Techonologies S.A., Zero‘s new exclusive distributor for Colombia. Northbound Technologies will provide service support for the Bogota P.D.

With 100 initial units, Bogota police represents Zero’s largest authority sale to date. In May, Zero announced the delivery of 59 motorcycles to the government of Hong Kong.

“Zero’s international authority and fleet programs continue to grow quickly. Through our new relationship with Northbound Technologies S.A. and this initial deployment of 100 police motorcycles to the Bogota Police, we have made a significant impact within the South American market,” said John Lloyd, Vice President of Global Sales for Zero Motorcycles. “The Bogota Police Department is now well suited for near-silent patrols, quick maneuverability and socially responsible transportation on Zero’s Police model motorcycle.”

[Source: Zero]