Yamaha Motor Canada announced a new variant of the 50cc Zuma scooter. New for 2014, the Yamaha Zuma X is based on the popular Zuma 50F but with some minor styling changes.

The nomenclature is a bit curious. American consumers may be familiar with the Zuma but north of the border, Yamaha calls it the BW’s 50. The BW’s (affectionately called the “Bee-Wee”) proved to be a success in Canada, especially in Quebec where it is classified as a moped and youths as young as 14 are allowed to ride them after passing a written test. Yamaha has frequently marketed the BW’s as Canada’s best-selling scooter.

So it’s a bit odd that Yamaha is selling this new variant as the Zuma X, adopting the American name. Also odd is the Zuma X is the less rugged-looking of the two when the “X” would suggest otherwise.

Visually, the Yamaha Zuma X is nearly identical to the BWS 50 which is also available as a 2014 model. The main differences is the Zuma X’s single headlight which fits within the plastic shield compared to the dual bug lights on the BWS. Another change are the sportier looking hand grips on the Zuma X. Both models share similar beak-style front fenders and wheel-hugging extended rear fenders.

Both models are equipped with the same 49cc liquid-cooled three-valve and fuel-injected four-stroke engine. Yamaha claims a modest 3 ft-lb. of torque at 6500 rpm but an impressive 129 mpg.

The suspension is also the same, with a single rear shock and a 26mm fork with gaiters, offering 58mm of travel. Also like the BWS, braking is comprised of a 180mm wave-style disc up front and a rear drum brake.

The lockable underseat storage holds 23 liters of storage space, while a smaller pocket behind the leg shield offers room for small items like cellphones or wallets. A folding bag hook provides additional convenience for bags.

The 2014 Yamaha Zuma X will be available in Deep Purplish Metallic Blue & White or Metallic Black & Yellow. It should arrive in Canadian dealerships in December. Yamaha Canada is pricing it at CN$2,899, compared to CN$2,699 for the 2014 Yamaha BW’s 50 which will be available in Matte Titan and Vivid Metallic Yellowish Red.

No word yet on U.S. availability


[Source: Yamaha Canada]