Suzuki Motor of America revealed the 2014 editions of its RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 motocross bikes with a few minor updates. How minor? The biggest change in fact is the company’s new name, replacing the Chapter 11’d American Suzuki.

In all fairness, Suzuki gave both models some substantial updates last year, including lighter pistons, new five-speed gearboxes, electrical couplers for selecting fueling and Showa Separate Function Forks.

Both the RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 receive graphical updates for 2014 (now with more a yellow number plate replacing instead of white) and updated electronic control module ignition to improve starting. Suzuki also streamlined the coupler system, with just two options this year for richer or leaner fueling. Last year, a third coupler was used for the stock fuel setting. The 2014 RM-Z450 also gets a new version of Showa’s SFF.


The minor update for 2014 further refines Suzuki’s motocrossers that are already the racebikes of choice for the likes of James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael’s RCH Racing team. Amateur racers are also choosing the RM-Z450 and RM-Z250, with Suzuki, claiming an increase seen in its share of race entries in each of the last four years.

“By delivering these refinements for 2014, the Suzuki RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 will continue to lead their classes,” says Derek Schoeberle, Product Media Relations Manager for SMAI. “These products are proof that manufacturing and selling category-leading motorcycles takes more than just one year. A combination of superior development, proven craftsmanship, and ongoing owner support helps Suzuki, its dealers and its riders earn multiple championships.”

2014 Suzuki RM-Z450

2014 Suzuki RM-Z250

[Source: Suzuki]