Freddie Spencer held the title of World’s Youngest Premier Class Grand Prix Winner for 31 years, until a baby-faced 20 year-old MotoGP rookie named Marc Marquez stole that title away from him earlier this year at the second round of the championship at Austin, Texas.

The two finally had a chance to meet at a special Alpinestars event at the Maxxess Megastore in Bordeaux, Saturday, June 8, where they reflected upon each other’s careers and accomplishments.

Said Spencer, of his record finally being broken: “It’s great. Hopefully, Marc may hold the record as long as I did; 31 years. For Marc to come along now and to perform like he has is great. Great to see, great for the sport!”

Consider this: Marquez was born ten years after Spencer won the Belgian Grand Prix in 1982 to set his record. However, the young Spaniard is well aware of Grand Prix history and the man whose record he now holds. He was more impressed with a different record Spencer still holds, and one which is unlikely to be matched.

“I saw many videos and from what people explained to me, Freddie was always more or less like me, always pushing, never was enough,” Marquez said. “When you see he competed in two World Championships on a Sunday [500cc and 250cc, winning both championships in 1985]…. now this I cannot imagine.”

The two compared and contrasted racing then and now, especially the differences in body positioning and racing in two classes in the same day. Catch the Q & A session below.

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