A year ago, we reported on Keanu Reeves starting his own motorcycle company, Arch Motorcycles. It was a dream that started in the actor’s head five years ago, and is slowly coming into fruition in 2013. In the video below, CNN’s George Stroumboulopoulos pays a visit to Reeves and the Arch facility, where the design and production of the latest model is taking place.

Granted, the video isn’t very revealing as it’s meant for a general audience, but Keanu does give a few insights. An avid motorcyclist, his daily ride is a Norton. And those Norton themes are evident in the design of his latest motorcycle. The bodywork is exposed metal, with the fuel tank long and sloping. The wire wheels, too, are a throwback to those old Nortons. Watch the interview below, courtesy of CNN’s Stroumboulopoulos.