The International Motorcycling Federation, promoter Dorna and the Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers’ Association have agreed to a new framework for changes to the World Superbike Championship to reduce costs. The new changes, which will be announced in detail soon, will be applied in three stages starting with the 2014 WSBK season.

The new rules are designed to lower the cost of racing by introducing a maximum price for a Superbike and its components. Components being considered for a price cap include the suspension, brakes and gearbox ratios.

Constructors will also be required to prepare a minimum number of racebikes with the same state of tuning as their racebikes available for teams to lease or purchase. Leasing and purchase prices are expected to be standardized, discouraging constructors from investing too much money into their Superbikes.

Riders will also be allotted a limited number of engines for use through the season, similar to the arrangement in MotoGP. The number of engines remains to be determined and penalties for exceeding the limit were not announced.

[Source: FIM]