A recent recall announced for the 2013 Triumph Trophy and Trophy SE for a potential fuel leak has now expanded to the U.S. The recall, previously announced by Transport Canada, concerns a production error for the fuel tank of the affected units.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the two layers used in the construction of the fuel tank may not properly adhere to each other, resulting in a potential fuel leak. The defect is located at the rear, bottom portion of the fuel tank. Triumph Trophy owners may notice a fuel vapor odor and/or visible signs of an external leak.

Triumph first identified a problem on April 15 after receiving a report of a fuel leak. Triumph initiated an investigation the following day with the fuel tank supplier Elkamet Kunststofftechnic GMBH. Elkamet’s internal investigation determined there was an error in the manufacturing process. Triumph informed its U.S. affiliate of the issue on May 22, initiating the recall process.

Triumph dealers will inspect all recalled units and replace the fuel tanks with a new component from Elkamet with fully bonded layers. The recall affects 513 units in the U.S.

[Source: NHTSA]