The California Air Resources Board has issued an executive order for the 2014 Suzuki Burgman 200, opening the way for the scooter to be introduced to the market.

For several years now, Suzuki has offered two main scooter models for the American market, the Burgman 400 and the Burgman 650, with some offshoots such as the Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive. The new CARB executive order suggests Suzuki is ready to introduce a new, smaller model to the family.

It’s not clear whether the Burgman 200 (listed in the CARB document by its model number “UH200”) is the same as the model (pictured above) currently available in European and Asian markets or whether it is a new, updated model.

The current Burgman 200 is powered by a fuel-injected 200cc single-cylinder engine (which matches the displacement listed in the CARB document) delivering power to the rear wheel through a continuously-variable transmission.

Suspension is comprised of a telescopic oil-damped fork and twin shock rear swingarm. The Burman 200 is also equipped with a combined braking system with single 220mm discs at both front and rear wheels.

The Burgman 200 comes with 13-inch wheels, compared to a 14-inch front/13-inch rear setup on the 400 and 15-inch front/14-inch rear wheels on the Burgman 650.

The underseat storage area is large enough for two full-faced helmets and has its own automatic light. Smaller items can be stored in three closed storage pockets below the handlebars.

[Source: CARB]