The 1967 BSA Royal Star 650 has a special place in the heart of the Piano Man, Billy Joel — it was the first motorcycle he ever had. As time went on and Joel’s career blossomed, the love for motorcycles only grew. In fact, Joel even has his own motorcycle shop.

But when the opportunity came to purchase another BSA Royal Star 650 and relive his youth, Joel didn’t want just anyone to restore it. He took it to Rick Dale, star of the TV show “American Restoration” and an expert at bringing old relics back to life, be it vending machines to neon lights.

There was a lot of work needed to bring the bike back to life, and Dale even traveled to England to collect parts for the old British bike. As you can see from the video above, however, the hard work paid off as the result is stunning. “This is the best bike I have in the shop!” said Joel after seeing his new toy.

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