From Vectolabs comes Vololights, a deceleration lighting system that warns drivers behind you that your motorcycle is slowing even when not applying your brakes. By using a three-axis accelerometer and microprocessor, Vololights measures deceleration from engine braking, downshifting or braking.

When slowing by way of engine braking or downshifting Vololights flash two times per second and when slowing more rapidly with brake application the system flashes a more intensely five times per second.

Vololights is a license plate frame with embedded LED lights powered by the motorcycle’s 12-volt electrical system. According to Vectolabs, the system is simple to install with no special crimping tools required.

Vectolabs is currently raising development money via So far they’ve raised $23,000 of the company’s $50,000 goal. To find out more and possibly support Vectolabs’ Vololights project visit their Kickstarter page or the company’s website.