The guys at BikeExif have found another subtle, yet wild custom cafe racer. This time it’s a Norton Featherbed frame stuffed with a 1969 Harley-Davidson Ironhead V-Twin. And if that’s not strange enough, this bike and its owner/builder hail from Malaysia! Kuala Lumpur, to be exact. A location not exactly known for their cafe racer scene.


Faizal Yusop is responsible for this creation, and the proud owner carefully planned every aspect of this build. “It wasn’t a case of just ‘bolt it together and go’,” says Faizal. As he tells BikeExif, custom motor mounts were made from 1.5-inch steel in order to position the engine and drivetrain 19mm closer to the centerline for better balance.

The engine itself was freshened up as well; it’s been bored, runs high compression pistons, custom camshaft, bigger valves, and breathes through a Weber 40 DCOE sidedraft carburetor — something commonly seen on racecars of the time. After all is said and done, Yusop’s Sporton (Nortster?) still weighs under 400lbs.

Suspension, brakes and even the fuel tank were upgraded as well. Get all the details about the machine and its owner at BikeExif.