If you’re at all into the custom motorcycle scene, then you know the name Shinya Kimura. The Tokyo-born custom motorcycle builder has created some spectacular machines unlike virtually everything else out there. While the bikes surely are unique, if you want to know what makes a man like this tick, watch the video above.

As he states in the video, Kimura has been around engines since he was a child in his father’s downtown Tokyo shop. It’s particularly interesting to hear Kimura doesn’t like to categorize his work, or himself, into any specific niche, instead preferring to let others worry about such classifications.

Motorcycles affect individuals in many different ways, and often we don’t get to know the men and women behind some of our favorite builds. From this video, it’s clear the passion shines bright for Shinya Kimura, and his free-form designs, in a way, reflect who he is as a person.