Helping with Horsepower is a non-profit organization helping at-risk teens find purpose and clean up their act. Its founder, Laura Klock also has a love for speed, specifically on two wheels. The holder of multiple land speed records, this August she’ll attempt another run down the Bonneville Salt Flats, on a Victory motorcycle built by the same teens HwH helps support, as described in the above video by Lou Young and CBSNewYork.

The teens are students at Pine Bush High School in New York, and will be fabricating and assembling every piece of the motorcycle — with the help of an experienced hand, of course. Pine Bush High School principal, Aaron Hopmayer, is passionate about the program, telling CBSNewYork “We’re going to take a damaged motorcycle and ultimately rebuild it, almost like some of these kids’ lives.”

With various different bodywork designs, the group are aiming to top 200 mph at Bonneville — no small task, even for experienced builders and racers. This will mark the first time Klock and HwH have organized a build with a school, and the kids plan to work during their summer break to ensure the bike is completed on schedule. As an added bonus, they’ll all travel to Utah to deliver the bike to Klock in person.

Funding for this project was all sourced through private sponsors. To donate to this or another project, or to simply learn about the build, visit Helping with Horsepower.