Transport Canada announced a recall for the 2013 BMW C650GT scooter because of a problem with its accessory luggage rack mounting.

On certain units, the fasteners which secure the luggage rack to the rear of the passenger grab rail may loosen over time. This may lead to the rack, and any cases attached to it, to fall off, potentially striking other vehicles, pedestrians or other objects.

The same luggage rack can also be used on the BMW C600 Sport scooter, but it has a different method of attaching than on the C650. The C600 Sport is thus not included in the recall.

BMW dealers will install locking nuts and apply a thread-locking compound to the fasteners of the affected units. Dealers will also replace the luggage rack brackets with a stronger component. The Transport Canada recall affects 79 units.

No recall has been announced as yet for the U.S. We will provide an update if a similar recall is announced by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

[Source: Transport Canada recall #2013174]