The Nevada state Senate voted 16-5 against a bill that would have allowed motorcyclists to lane-split. Bill AB236 had passed through the state Assembly by a strong 35-4 margin on April 18, leading hope that Nevada would join California as the only states to allow lane-splitting. Those hopes were dashed however by a May 24 vote in the state senate.

AB236, as originally introduced by Democrat Assemblyman Skip Daly and co-sponsored by Assemblyman Richard Carrillo (Dem.), would have allowed motorcycles to travel between other moving or stationary vehicles, as long as it is done in a cautious and prudent manner at a speed of 30 mph or slower. The bill was amended April 17 to limit lane-splitters to a speed no more than 10 mph faster than the other vehicles, and was passed by the state Assembly

When the bill arrived at the Senate, it was referred to the committee on transportation which made a further amendment on May 21, further limiting lane-splitting to when traffic is stationary.

The bill was then read for the third time May 24 before being defeated, with 5 yeas versus 16 nays.

Here’s the tally from the Senate vote:

Kelvin Atkinson Dem. Yea
Greg Brower Rep. Nay
Barbara Cegavske Rep. Nay
Moises Denis Dem. Yea
Aaron Ford Dem. Nay
Pete Goicoechea Rep. Nay
Donald Gustavson Rep. Nay
Scott Hammond Rep. Nay
Joseph Hardy Rep. Yea
Mark Hutchison Rep. Nay
Justin Jones Dem. Nay
Ben Kieckhefer Rep. Nay
Ruben Kihuen Dem. Nay
Mark Manendo Dem. Yea
David Parks Dem. Nay
Michael Roberson Rep. Nay
Tick Segerblom Dem. Yea
James Settelmeyer Rep. Nay
Debbie Smith Dem. Nay
Pat Spearman Dem. Nay
Joyce Woodhouse Dem. Nay

[Source: Nevada Legislature, photo by Eric Schmuttenmaer]