Apparently, the American motto of “bigger is better” has struck a chord with someone in China, of all places. This giant beast of a motorcycle measures over 14 feet long and almost eight feet tall, and was built by a Chinese sewage plant worker in his spare time.

The motorcycle is so big, it needs outriggers to make sure it doesn’t tip over. Perhaps what’s more amazing about this build is that it was made entirely from scraps he found at the junkyard, including the tractor tires at each end. It’s big enough to carry up to six people.

It appears to be powered by an air-cooled Suzuki engine, if the Suzuki fuel tank in the video below is any indication, and can reach a top speed of 25 mph. Other odds and ends include mirrors which look to be sourced from an industrial truck and a giant spotlight for a headlight. Thankfully the owner planned ahead, knowing many three-point turns were in his future, and included a reverse gear.

Check out the video to see this giant creation in action. It’s all in Chinese, but you get the idea.

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