Earlier this year we introduced you to the California branch of Deus Ex Machina, the moto, surf, clothing and coffee shop that has started to gain popularity for its custom motorcycles. The original Deus, however, is in Australia, and its head mechanic/motorcycle design master, Jeremy Tagand, is quite the character himself.


Originally from France but now living in Australia, Tagand has a strange Franco/Aussie accent to his English, though it’s easy to understand one thing: he loves his motorcycles. As you can see in the video below, designing and building custom motorcycles is a fresh challenge Tagand enjoys and embraces on a daily basis when he comes to work. It’s hard to categorize his style, but if you ask him, he’s “just trying to do something cool.”

When he’s not tinkering with motorcycles, he’s also plays Rugby professionally. But as he says, “that’s another story.”

The Path – Jeremy Tagand from trevor king on Vimeo.