4. BMW S1000RR


In much the same way the K1600 injected new life in the sport-touring category, the BMW S1000RR shook up the sportbike wars. Finally, a proper sportbike from BMW to challenge the Japanese at their own game. And it won in its first year.

On paper, the S1000RR doesn’t seem too special, with its Inline-Four, conventional fork, typical geometry numbers, radial-mounted brakes, and traction control. But on the track, street or dyno, the Beemer blew away not only the Japanese, but also the rest of the competition. Its engine puts 170-plus horsepower to the ground and has dominated virtually every magazine test, including ours.

A low-mileage, pristine example will become a rarity as time goes on. These are the ones that’ll be worth something several decades from now. And if low miles are critical to your investment, consider the exotic HP4 version introduced this year, which boasts a semi-active suspension and lightweight forged-aluminum wheels that deliver even sharper steering responses.