7. Honda Rune

Honda Rune

Remember the Honda Rune? It was only around for two years (2004-2005), so it’s easy to forget, but it sure made a splash when it was introduced. Honda’s attempt at a BAC (Bad Ass Cruiser), the Rune was more than just a trick looking concept-turned-production motorcycle.

The Rune was never accused of lacking any forward motivation as it borrows the Gold Wing’s 1832cc six-cylinder. But it also stopped, too, thanks to twin 330mm discs and three-piston calipers. Not only that, it had impressive suspension for a cruiser, with a trailing bottom link front suspension. But above all, it just looked cool.

New, Runes sold for $26,000. Now, low-mileage examples can be had in the high teens, a relative bargain for a very unique motorcycle. If the sportbike set isn’t for you but you’re in the market for a collectable modern motorcycle, the Rune is calling your name.