In only its fourth year, the One Motorcycle Show, in Portland, Oregon is quickly becoming the mecca for the “garage mechanic,” counter-culture motorcyclist. Here, everyone understands a classic motorcycle has a story to tell, especially the ones that have gone under the knife of a talented hand who saw a vision for what they wanted their machine to be.

A perfect example is the motorcycle seen here. While on the surface it may appear like a standard cafe racer build, look closer and you’ll see the unidentified owner pulled the front panel out of a Mac tower and used “the power switch, the USB and stereo jack to run the music from the iPhone, which also is the speedometer.”

Apple probably won’t be in the motorcycle business any time soon, but if they ever decide to try it, they should turn to this bike for inspiration. Skip to the 1:30 mark in the video below to see the bike and the different Mac components.

The One Show 2013 from Instrument on Vimeo.