Of all the charity events we know of, Kenny RobertsTrue American Heroes benefit is at the top of the heap. Getting a chance to meet King Kenny is exceptional on its own, but being able to visit his storied ranch vaults the event into something extraordinarily special. Oh, and don’t forget the event is also attended by World Champs Wayne Rainey, Eddie Lawson and KRJR.

Please read our coverage from last year’s event, and check out our preview of this year’s event that included an appearance by Bo Derek!

Although we were unable to attend last week’s festivities, we came across a spectacular photo of Kenny Roberts in a full-lock powerslide on Star’s new Bolt cruiser shot on his ranch’s dirt track.

Joe Fenech, who looks after Kenny’s ranch, tells us that he doesn’t know exactly what prompted the three-time world champ to hop on the Bolt. “My best guess was he saw a nice new bike sitting there saw the nicely groomed dirt track and rode it,” he speculated.

The picture above (shot by Mike Utt) shows that Kenny wasn’t just putting around on the cruiser. “He rode it pretty quick for a streetbike that isn’t designed to be on its side in the dirt,” Fenech commented. “As Buster Roberts (Kenny’s father) used to say, he could ride the box it came in!”