Eric Wood, AMA Pro racer and owner of Woodcraft Technologies Inc., knows a thing or two about making a sportbike go fast. He also knows that racers, especially at the club level, inevitably hit the ground. Thankfully, there are products like the Woodcraft bar end sliders to minimize the damage in a crash.

Woodcraft sells three different types of bar end sliders: unweighted ($39.98/set), weighted ($49.98/set) and hand-guard mount ($49.98). The unweighted sliders are great for racers looking for protection with the least amount of additional weight. Street and touring riders will appreciate the weighted set, as it reduces vibration being transferred through the bars to your hands, which in turn reduces fatigue during a long ride.

The last set of sliders are similar to the unweighted set, but feature a mounting point for Woodcraft hand/lever guards. These lever guards are especially useful in racing applications, as sometimes two riders can collide in such a way to lock the front brake lever and send the rider flying over the handlebars. Lever guards prevent this from happening and are becoming mandatory in a growing number of racing organizations.

All three bar end sliders are designed to work with clip-ons or handlebars with a 5/8-inch inner diameter and attach with Woodcraft’s trademark side-mount bolt design. For more information about Woodcraft products, including the company’s frame sliders which provide additional crash protection, visit the company website at